FMP Interaction Strategy Framework

From theory to practice workshop!

Workshop tool to classify exhibit interactions in museums and amusement parks.
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Interaction Strategy Framework

Workshop tool to classify exhibit interactions in museums and amusement parks.

From theory to practice workshop!

The FMP graduation project is about interactive exhibits for museums and amusement parks. While building an exhibit, many companies work together and have each their own experience. With my background as an artistic exhibit carpenter, I saw that visitors expect more of exhibits now that their everyday lives are digitally evolving. I love to make interactive exhibits, so I did a masters and discovered that there is little academic work and the work that there is, is not easily translatable to practice.

That Is when I developed the Interaction Strategy Framework (ISF), where the first four interaction strategy categories are from theory. The fifth one is added later because all are individual interactions, but you visit an exhibit or amusement park with a group of friends or family. While developing, I did expert interviews and gave workshops to multiple companies that are experts in the field. The workshop enables participants to provide starting points for brainstorming, making decisions on ideas based on unique category values, and discovering new concepts for future projects. The ISF helps to create an idea, bigger or smaller.  
The workshop has small presentations, short assignments, an illustrated executive summary and a value card deck to use all that you learned during the workshop.

Project on Demo Day Platform: https://projects.id.tue.nl/id/oDI2Ne

A multidisciplinary team of companies designs and executes installations in amusement parks and museums. The little available academic work about interactive exhibits is not accessible or easy to translate into practice for the stakeholder parties. Meetings with stakeholder companies and reading papers about exhibit interactions resulted in an interaction strategy framework (ISF) with five categories. The first category starts with pushing a button, and something happens, but a visitor interaction can be more than that! Explore all the interaction strategies in the workshop!

I conducted interviews and facilitated workshops at various exhibit companies. After an intensive design process, only one workshop let participants understand, distinguish and create new ideas with the ISF categories.

Are you curious to know all about the interaction strategies and develop new ideas for your next exhibit? Use the executive summary card deck! Or visit the ISF experience website for a short introduction.

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