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Dutch Design Week Graduation  Show 2020
Impromptu Mini Graduation Show #2 2021‚Äć

IJK Software & Services 2021-2022


In the ¬†era of the selfie, this project challenges our scrutinized ¬†self-image. Leanne van Hees turned to the Rijksmuseum to research the ¬†concept of beauty throughout the ages. The painted portraits by the Old ¬†Masters were a status symbol for both the artists and their models, and are ¬†still seen as magnificent. Playfully addressing our obsession with the ¬†perfect picture to post, Leanne designed a digital tool that creates ¬†portraits of today‚Äôs faces in the style of the admired paintings. Fed with ¬†the Rijksmuseum‚Äôs digital collection, a cleverly written code renders your ¬†reflection into a timeless beauty; are you ready to see yourself as a ¬†precious piece of art? ‚Äć

‚ÄúThe ¬†timeless beauty collection defies our current beauty standard‚ÄĚ

Pictures:  Ronald Smits and Leanne van Hees
 Models: Erik Melander and Onno Dijkhuis
 Referentie: Johannes Gumpp (1646), Rectangular version of the self-portrait,  in a private collection

 Image-to-Image Translation with Conditional Adversarial Networks
- Phillip Isola, Jun-Yan Zhu,  Tinghui Zhou, Alexei A. Efros and @affinelayer for the tensorflow
DCGAN and @carpedm20 for the tensorflow
¬†Tensorflow ‚Äć
 Memo Akten (2017) ''Learning to Dream''. Retrieved from  http://www.memo.tv/works/we-are-made-of-star-dust/

 Sponsor: Deblick https://www.deblick.com/
 Special thanks: Sjoerd Aker, Tim Speetjens, Boris Krischel, Jacqueline Janssen and Joep Verhoeven.



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